What We Believe

The metaHeart Center platform is an emerging field of study that focuses on the non-physical aspects of the human heart in relation to wellness, healing, and personal/global transformation. At the core of metaHeart Center is the recognition that the heart is more than a pump; the reality that the non-physical heart is as real, if not more so, than its physical counter-part. Through this re-visioning of the expanded nature of the heart, a new paradigm for healing and transformation emerges.


At the archetypal level, the horizontal line represents the physical plane, whereas the vertical line is the spiritual, breaking through where the two meet.

The metaHeart Center is a platform that re-members what the ancient ones understood . . . the that human heart contains multiple layers of conscious awareness. Up until the scientific revolution, the heart was viewed as an intelligent psycho-spiritual-somatic system that has the potential to span the layers from 1) the gross anatomical heart (soma), to 2) the subtle organ of perception (subtle/psyche), and 3) to its spiritual portal to divine consciousness.

At metaHeart Center, we work on three primary levels of the heart: somatic, psychological, and spiritual, the heart seeks to balance masculine and feminine principles. We refer to these three levels as the “triadic heart.”

  1. Somatic/Physical: Coherent Heart
  2. Psychological/Psyche: Archetypal Heart
  3. Spiritual: Heart of Sophia

Together these “three hearts,” Coherent, Archetypal, and Heart of Sophia are collectively referred to as the “Triple Heart.”

Most people in Western countries have lost connection with their hearts, and the intelligence and guidance that it offers. From a Wisdom perspective, the dis-ease begins well before the physical manifestations are evident.

In Western countries, the intellect is paramount, and the mind rules over the heart. It’s time to make room on the throne for the Wisdom of the heart as other cultures have done for millennia. As C. G. Jung advised, the varied branches of science are stronger when they support each other, for none are complete alone. An important premise of metaHeart Center is that the human body (soma), and soul (psyche) are gravely out of balance, and through both ancient and new technologies, a realignment is possible.

As we “make room on the throne” for Traditional branches of scientific knowledge, we begin to open our doors of perception that may hold the key for healing and transformation—personal, communal, and global.

Who is metaHeart Center for?

  • People experiencing high levels of stress, and may be at risk for developing heart disease or other stress-related illnesses.
  • Anyone who has lost a sense of meaning or purpose in their life.
  • Anyone who is broken hearted; physically, psychologically, and/or spiritually.
  • People who have survived a major cardiac event (i.e. acute myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest) or who live with an ongoing heart condition (i.e. atrial fibrillation), and want to move out of a feeling of vulnerability and stress-related depression, and into a restorative and transformative process of emotional recovery.
  • Forward thinking cardiologists who value the healing potential of the patients’ soma, psyche, and spirit.
  • Medical school students, other health professionals, and students of graduate level somatic healing programs.